PLAYpass now available for single Airmen

The popular military discount for Airforce deployment support program “PLAYpass” is now available to single Airmen as well as families. On May 27th 2011 the announcement was made that single Airmen will be eligible to receive the same benefits of the program that married couples and their families are. The program offers various ways to unwind from deployment and is intended to reconnect deployed Airmen with their families after deployments. It also gives opportunities to reintegrate into society and civilian life through classes and educational opportunities. Childcare and recreational discounts give Airmen and their loved ones discounts to share free-time with one another or to pursue interests and take care of responsibilities.

Check your eligibility

The “PLAYpass” card is worth over $500.00 in discounts and offers savings for childcare and education and other fun and useful activities. Air Force services agency marketing specialist Linda Weston had this to say about the program. “We’re excited to expand this program to single Airmen to provide deployment respite and help with re-integration …”

Sign up is simple and done through the links provided.

Find out where to pick up your “PLAYpass” card.

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Military Disney Discounts and Deals

Who does not love Disney Resorts?  I have 3 kids and we personally try to get to Disneyland in CA, at least once a year and we travel all the way from Utah.  Why?  Because it truly is one of the most magical and greatest places on earth.

However magical and great it is, it is also expensive and this keeps many from enjoying it for what it is.  However, if you are your spouse has served in the US military we have some exciting news for you!  Disney military discounts are back through the fall of 2011.

If you have been thinking about a much needed summer vacation then look no further than Disney and use your hard earned Disney military discount.

For rates, restrictions etc please go to

If you do go or have gone and used a military discount at Disney, share with us in the comments section your experiences please.

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The VA Hybrid Loan – VA Home Loan Benefit Hottest Product of the Summer

If you have a VA loan now then you have probably heard talk of or been approached about getting into a VA hybrid loan.  Hybrid is a word that causes most of us to immediately picture  a tiny car that most likely runs on natural gas or even electricity.  Hybrid is that hot word of the moment and VA loans are no stranger to the hybrid.
Hybrid is when you take the best of two things and put them together.  For example the hybrid car gets the power of a gas engine combined with the efficiency of electricity.  Ever heard of a hybrid tomato?  This tomato is disease resistant, much more round and much more red in most cases.  The hybrid was scientifically altered to be more sustainable in grocery stores.
So what is a VA hybrid loan and why is it so hot right now?

The VA hybrid loan takes the best of the 30 yr fixed rate loan and combines it with the best of the adjustable or ARM loan. 

We all know what is good about the 30 yr fixed.

  • stable rate
  • stable payment (not so fast, watch the video that follows)
  • What most of us grew up knowing and being told to get as a loan

We also know the benefits of the adjustable rate loan:

  • much lower rates

So what if you combined these traits and had a loan with much lower rates than a 30 yr fixed loan but also allowed it to be fixed for a long enough time that most home owners were comfortable with?  That is the VA hybrid loan.
VA hybrid loans have rates 1%-2% lower than the same 30 yr fixed rates at the time and can be fixed from 3 years to 5 years in most cases.  This allows the veteran the certainty of knowing for 60 straight payments his/her loan rate will not change and that the monthly payment will be much lower and the home loan balance will decrease much faster!
I could go on and on over the facts and details but would rather have you use some very effective tools provided already online that we have researched and strongly support.
In closing my thoughts:
The VA hybrid Arm is almost always a better option for 85% of American home owners than a 30 yr fixed loan would be.  It is safer, will allow you to pay your home down much faster, puts more money into your pocket and not the banks each month.
Sure the VA hybrid may not be right for everyone, but it is for most.  If nothing else use some of the tools below and see if your mindset changes and your outlook on what the VA arm can do for you changes too.

Best tools for learning about the VA Hybrid Loan

VA hybrid truths (Primarily Videos to Watch)

Some great blog posts.  Number 1 and Number 2

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Save on a Gym Membership with a Military Discount

Have you always wanted to join a gym but feel like it’s too expensive? Well, if you are one of the million plus Americans currently serving in the armed forces or military then you might be able to enroll now. The same is true for the nearly million people serving in the Reserves. You can sign up for a 20% military discount by simply bringing your military identification when you activate your membership. If you are married, your spouse can sign up as well to enjoy the same savings. You’ll finally be able to join an excellent gym.

There are quite a few benefits to signing up for a membership at one of the best gyms in your area. Not only will you be able to easily work any part of the body that you improve, you’ll have access to personal trainers, health foods and supplements, and aerobics classes for totally transforming your body. Whether you feel like you need to get in shape or you just want to maintain your current physique, a membership at a quality gym is the best way to do that. And thanks to the new military discount that the top ones are offering, you won’t have to worry about the price.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that not every single gym will be offering a Golds Gym military discount. The same is true for other types of stores. Some try their best to support those that protect the country and others do not. It might be helpful to call ahead in advance to see if a gym is currently offering the discount before signing up. The best ones will offer it, so you don’t need to worry about having to settle with a lower quality or smaller gym.

What you will find after signing up at a gym using your military discount is that it’s a lot easier to stay in shape because you will be paying for it. Those that try to stay committed to staying in shape on their own have a much more challenging time being dedicated because they’re not losing anything if they don’t exercise. That might be the motivation you need to sign up today.

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Where to Find Military Discount Car Rentals

You don’t have to pay full price for a car rental if you are active or retired military or family of someone who is–even when you are traveling on vacation. A number of car rental companies are happy to recognize military personnel and families for their service by offering military discount car rentals.

Examples of Military Car Rental Discounts

Several car rental agenies offer military discounts for military personnel and their families to use when not on official business. Among these are Alamo Rental Car, Budget Rent-a-Car, Dollar Car Rental and Avis Car Rental. Rates and discounts change frequently and range from percentage discounts (often five percent) to set military discount rates.

Renting a Car with a Military Discount

Most car rental agencies require that you be at least 21 years of age and have a major credit car in order to rent a car. (This differs from the requirements for traveling on government business.) Some also add a daily surcharge if you are between 21 and 25 years of age. You will need to show your military ID when you pick up the car.

It’s a good idea to check the military discount against the lowest current rate. Sometimes other rates are lower than the military discount.

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Military Fast Food Discount Plays a Much Needed Role

Unknown to many non-military Americans, there are a lot of military servicemen and women serving the United States in places that are not combat-zoned areas. Most of these military personnel have to pay for the majority of their living expenses with their small paychecks that they receive for their service.

Fortunately, there are many companies that help them out by offering special discounts for active, retired and military personnel that are in the reserves. All of these discounts really do help them financially. But, military fast food discounts can really keep them eating a healthy diet.

Fast food discounts for the military plays a much needed role.

Food is not an option. Most military service personnel and their families are on a tight financial budget. They struggle to keep healthy food on their tables. Food prices keep increasing every year. With increased living expenses, some of them find it very difficult to eat properly.

Fast food restaurants have been known for many years for their unhealthy foods. Not very much anymore. Most of them offer healthy foods such as salads, instead of fattening foods such as hamburgers.

These military discounts afford them the ability to eat healthy. Most have lived off of military paychecks for years. They could use the assistance.

Many restaurants offer discounts of up to 20 percent and possibly, even more. Some offer specific meals, including drinks for a very low price. Each restaurant seems to have its own set of rules for the discount they are offering. Just ask them for the specifics. On Veteran’s Day, a lot of them allow military personnel and their families to eat for an extremely low cost or to eat for free.

Sometimes, the discount notification is just not advertised efficiently. It is a good idea for military personnel to ask at the beginning of a meal if their restaurant has any military fast food discounts. Many times they do.

Bring military identification card

The main thing to remember is that some places will ask for a military identification card. This is not being disrespectful. There are some who try to use the discount benefit when they do not deserve to do so.

Thanks for military service

Military fast food discounts are given to military personnel and their families to show appreciation and thanks for all the unselfish and dangerous things they do in protecting our country. These men and women are saluted.

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Disney Military Discounts Available To All Branches

Disney is the greatest place on Earth. Especially for little kids. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest place to be able to take a family. That can all change if you or someone in your family is in the military. By showing a military id, there are discounts available at Disney. Disney at all of the parks, the Disney cruise line and many of the hotels.

Serving in the military is emotionally rewarding, but when there are Disney military discounts, it’s really rewarding. Disney wants to reward people in the military, regardless of the position they hold or the branch that they serve in. So whether you are an officer or a colonel, in the Navy or the Air Force, you’ll be able to cash in on some great savings.

Throughout the year, Disney offers different discounts. Whether it’s a percentage off one of their fabulous cruises to take the whole family on, or a five-day pass to the parks, it’s a great way to take a family vacation at a fraction of the cost. You’ll then be able to have the family hang with Mickey, Minnie and the gang at Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. You’ll also find discounts at the miniature golf courses and the 2 water parks as well.

There are multiple ways to get the Disney military discount tickets. Many times, tickets can be purchased on any military base. If you are staying on property at a Disney Resort, you can go to Shades of Green to get a Stars & Stripes ticket, which is significantly discounted from what the average guest would pay. Shades of Green is also a discounted resort which is an Armed Forces Recreation Center.

If you’re in the military, you should be able to enjoy a family vacation when you’re on leave. By cashing in on discounts offered by Disney, you’ll be able to afford a once in a lifetime vacation. Check online or with the base before you go to see what the current deals are and plan your vacation. Whether you visit all the parks in Orlando or decide to cruise with Mickey, you’ll be able to save substantial money over the standard guest and let your family have something to talk about for a long time.

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Enjoy A Sprint Military Discount

Serving in the military is a noble choice. Serving and protecting our country also comes with some great perks from all over the country, because business owners agree. A member of the military can find discounts in almost every category of shopping, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

Cell phone expenses seem to be getting more and more expensive. However, as a member of the military, there is a Sprint military discount. This way, someone in the military can not only stay in touch with friends and family, but save money doing so.

There are many reasons why a person uses a phone. Whether it’s local or long distance, people like to stay in touch. And in today’s world, there’s even more services including texting and internet access. All of these together can make a phone bill get more and more expensive. There’s a benefit to the military with Sprint, however. They can enjoy a great discount and be able to make phone calls for less than they normally would be able to.

Sprint believes that the people who serve in the military are extremely important people. As a result, anyone who can show a military ID can enjoy perks of 15% off their monthly phone bill. This adds up to a significant savings that can be used over and over again, month after month, for as long as someone is in the military.

When a member of the military is ready to activate their discount, they can go right to a Sprint store or call the 1-800 number to start a new account. Once they announce that they are military, they will get a great discount that will make their cell phone expenses a little more affordable. Plus, many times they can receive discounts on accessories, too.

A person who is in the military should utilize whatever discounts come their way. After all, they risk their lives on a day to day basis to protect the United States. A Sprint Military discount is just one of many discounts someone can receive. So whether they are in the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, or even National Guard, they’ll be able to make phone calls all over the globe and save money while doing it.

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Kudos to the Men and Women of the US Armed Forces Yet Again

At a time when most of the world may find it easy to frown on the involvement of the US military nationwide, I feel the need to take a pause, put your political feelings aside and to give thanks and credit to the men and women of the US Armed Forces for their willingness to quickly respond to the devastation in Japan.  Anyone who has turned on the TV lately or surfed the internet has seen the horrific photos and videos pouring in from our friends on the ground in Japan.  Have you all noticed what I have?  Where is all of the looting, the shooting and chaos that is supposedly a “natural occurrence” during times of tragedy, at least here in the US?

I found it very interesting that there have been no reports of civil unrest, of looting, or anything of the such.  Rather the people of Japan have forged together to help each other out and to get through this tragedy as opposed to only make it worse.  I find it much easier and even appealing to send aid to somewhere where the people of that country or nation are willing to handle themselves like real human beings as opposed to what we see here in our own country by so many during times of turmoil.

I love my country, I love the freedoms I have  and the men and women who go to work each day to protect them.  I hope we can all learn some important lessons from what we have witnessed in Japan.  I know I have personally learned that the US military is here to bring relief and hope to all people wherever they may live, and I am grateful for that.  I have learned that the people of Japan live in a culture and have been raised to be good people, ethical and truly courageous in times of trouble.  I know that we have the same kind of people in this country, but there is sadly some differences in how some of us react in the face of tragedy and I hope that changes.

Here is to you US Military.  Thank you for all you do.  Click here for more details on how the US Military is involved in helping in Japan.

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Making the Most of Military Airline Discounts

Most commercial airlines offer some kind of military discount. Sifting through the available offers and comparing them to other regular airfares may take a little time, but you can often save a significant amount of money with military airline discounts.

Types of Military Airline Discounts
There are three types of military airfare discounts. The one you use depends on whether you are traveling on official business or for pleasure and how flexible you are with your travel dates and times.

1. Published Military Discounts – Most commercial airlines offer published military airfares. These are usually not the lowest airfare, but offer benefits like no cancellation penalties and being able to book at the last minute. Most airlines extend these discounts to active duty military personnel, their dependents, and retired military.

When making reservations, make sure that you compare the military discount to other promotional fares. The military fare is not always the lowest price.

2. GSA City Pairs – For military personnel traveling on official business, GSA fares offer discounts of around 75 percent off of the full fare. In most cases, they also offer more flexibility than airline promotional fares, such as allowing you to change without a penalty and book up to one day before departure.

3. Space Available (Military Hops, Space A) – Space available travel (also called military hops or space A travel) is an affordable, if somewhat unreliable, way to travel. Active and retired military and their dependents can travel on military transports in the continental United States by just paying the taxes and airport fees if the seats are not needed for official business. Your request’s priority is based on your military status (active, retired) and your reason for traveling. (For example, those on emergency leave take priority over those on ordinary leave.)

Using space available travel can be tricky. Military planes do not always use commercial airports, so the possibility exists that you could be stranded at a military airport waiting for the next transport plane. Even at major airports, if you are forced to buy a commercial ticket at the last minute, you’ll usually pay top dollar.

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