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Whether you are in the need of credit cards, a VA home loan, a short term loan, insurance, or something else to do with your finances, the Military Finance Center at Military Discount Hub can help.

VA Loans, VA Mortgages, Military Insurance, Military Credit Cards, VA Benefits and much more.

We know that in today's economy, having a grip and a good understanding on your personal finances is very important.  We want to make sure all the men and women of the Armed Forces, along with our Veterans who are no longer serving, have all the help possible as it pertains to finances.

Whether you need a short term loan, like a payday loan or even just a couple thousand dollars to do some work around the house with, or perhaps you need a full blown VA mortgage, our partners are here to serve you and help you gain access to all of your hard-earned financial benefits.

Latest VA Loan Headlines

Low VA Rates Sponsors the Largest Flag in U.S. History

Low VA Rates Sponsors the Largest Flying U.S. Flag Utah Mortgage Company Invites the Community to Witness the Largest American Flag Flown   July 3, 2017   PLEASANT GROVE, UT—The largest American flag to be flown in the U.S. will hang across Grove Creek Canyon as part of an event called Follow the Flag. More […]

Gun Laws

Suspects on Terrorist Watch list Legally Buy Guns After the mass shooting in Florida on June 12th, the country is in an uproar about gun laws. Should there be more restrictions? Fewer restrictions? In a generalized statement, it seems the nation is divided between those who believe giving citizens more freedom to carry guns will […]

VA Loan vs Conventional

VA loan vs conventional whats the better option? Many veterans or other VA-eligible borrowers decide not to use their VA loan benefits because they’ve heard that the benefits of the VA loan program aren’t worth the hassle. That is not true. The VA loan program is far superior to conventional loans, and it is definitely […]

The Constant Maturity Treasury Index

The CMT Index is complicated and can be hard to explain. In this article, we hope to provide you with accurate, concise, and clear information about the CMT and how it affects you as a borrower. What Is the CMT Index? CMT stands for Constant Maturity Treasury. It’s an index based on the average monthly […]

VA Home Loan Underwriting Process and Guidelines

So what is the VA home loan underwriting process and guidelines. If you’ve ever looked into taking out a home loan, you’ve probably heard the term “underwriting.” What does underwriting mean for you and for your home? And how can you as the borrower affect its outcome? These are the questions we’ll tackle today in this […]

The VA Amendatory Escape Clause And Its Effects

If you’re not aware of the VA Amendatory Escape Clause, it’s something you should definitely be aware of. While the Escape Clause can be a big pain point for the seller, the seller’s reaction can cause significant consternation to the borrower, to the extent that the seller may refuse to sell the home. As a […]

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